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Customized Comp Card Templates

Customizing a professional comp card template can be difficult if you don’t own, or are not familiar with graphic design software. Most templates require a program like Adobe Photoshop to customize them. If you don’t plan on using Photoshop for anything other than editing one of these templates, it may not be worth it to purchase the software. Also, if you do have Photoshop, but are unfamiliar with using it, it may take some time to get accustomed to it.

For those that are looking for a simpler solution, you have options. There are templates available, that include customization. For a seasoned graphic designer, editing these templates is very easy, which means the cost is low. Below are a few comp card templates, that are low-cost, and include professional customization.

1. Professional Model Comp Card


1. Modern Model Comp Card



Looking for a template that you can customize yourself? See our “Comp Cards for Models and Actors” Post.

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